Kawa Hot Bath in the Philippines Where They Cook You Alive for a Fee


Just a joke. They won’t eat you but the process is exactly the same. The black pot is made of thick cast iron so that you’re safe.

This may sound crazy but this little twist has been successfully bringing Kayak Inn load of visitors over fierce competitors within the neighborhood. They provide huts that offer no electricity, only natural wind and the sound of river lulling you to sleep.

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Hot bath usually serves as a treat after half day of hiking to Bugtong Bato falls, a 7-tiered waterfall, or river kayaking/rafting which is usually possible and at its best from July to February.

Here’re the activities that they offer:

  • Kawa Hot Baths
  • White Water Kayaking
  • Trek to Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
  • Pottery Making
  • Zip Lining
  • Mountain Biking


There are several ways to reach to the outskirt province of Antique. The nearest airport to Antique would be Caticlan Airport but it stills 2 hours away from Kayak Inn which is located in the upland village of Tuno. The best easier way is to reach out to them and express your interest so that they can arrange for you. Here’s their Facebook page where you can inquiry: https://www.facebook.com/kayakinn/


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