Loyal Dog Walks Herself to the Hospital to Find Owner


She disappeared from the yard only to show up at Mercy Medical Center, where Nancy Franck had been in the hospital for the past two weeks after undergoing surgery.

CCTV shows that she was just running across the lobby. The security guard got her up and started looking at the tag that had the address written on it. This is when they realize that she went through quite an amazing journey.

They then used the dog’s tag to call Nancy’s husband, Mr. Franck. He said that Sissy has been acting weird for the past few days and seem anxious to go somewhere. She had been missing for four hours before he received the call from the hospital.

Madam Nancy was shocked when she saw Sissy and thought it was her daughter, Sarah Wood sneak her into the hospital. She just seems so unbelievable when Sarah told her that she sneaked herself into the hospital.

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Hannah Vii


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