Man Drives Hours to Provide Water to Thirsty Wild Animals


He drives around the park for hours with 3000 gallons of water. The animals are waiting anxiously for him, and they soon gathered when they hear his truck is coming. Their happy face is simply joyful for Patrick, and this had motivated him to go further.

He now has several trucks to fulfill the high demand. There is entirely no water, so the animals are hard to survive without the help from volunteer like Patrick.

” Last night, I found about 500 buffalo waiting at the waterhole. They get so excited when they saw me.” – Patrick

A few strangers had set up a Go-Fund-Me page for him. They are touched to see Patrick’s passion for wild animals and decided to help him out. The world needs more kind soul like Patrick. Watch the video and share the love out 😀



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Hannah Vii


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