The Man Who Swims to Work. Get Inspired From His Reason Behind


Most people commute by train, car, or bus but Benjamin David swims his way through Isar River in Munich, Germany. Though we would love to do the same, there is only drain nearby our office.

According to BBC, Benjamin is fed up with the stress of commuting through the bustle city road. He then came out with this excellent idea that would be a great healthy alternative – swim 2 KM to the office along with the Isar River in Munich, Germany. He packs his laptop, suit, shoes and other necessary stuff into a waterproof bag invented by a young designer from Basel. This red waterproof bladder will inflate and becomes like a rescue buoy after wrapping it close.

He feels much more relax and comfortable by swimming to work. He swims every day during summer time and sometimes even twice a day, but much lesser during winter with a long wetsuit. Before the swim, he would check the water level, the temperature of water and speed of the current to make sure it is safe.

” This idea came to me as the Isar used to be a waterway for over 150 years. It was one of the most important transportation route from Rome to Vienna. This has all disappeared in the last 100 years. So now I’m there by myself to jump in. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next years the Isar will become a logical way to commute to work in the morning. ” – Benjamin David

He is doing what he’s hoping to happen in the next few years while most of us might talk ourselves out of an idea. Great inspiration dude!


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Hannah Vii


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