Puppy Found on The Sidewalk. Watch His Happy Ending That Would Make Your Day


Another wonderful animal stories online that touched millions heart. Howl Of A Dog is a nonprofit animal rescue organization based in Romania, commit to rescue abandon, neglect and abuse dog and to find them a forever loving home.

They found a newborn puppy was abandoned at the sidewalk, so weak that he can’t whine a sound. He was so tiny, weighing only at 160 grams. They took him under their wings in Romania for more than four months. They considered the day he was rescued being the first day of his life and eventually name him as Joy(great name!) They gave him a White Siberian tiger as a toy and he loves it.

It is a challenging process as puppies are blind, deaf and unable to maintain their body temperature when they’re first born. Therefore it takes a lot of time and love to raise a puppy. (Love the way he sleeps and drinks milk)

This is how he sleep 😀

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Hannah Vii


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