Puppy was Shot Dozens of Times in Head and the Reason Will Boil Your Blood


This poor homeless puppy in Beirut, Lebanon is fighting for her life after being through difficult hardship that makes her a real fighter.

Amal andari and her friend notice this poor baby wandering on the side of the road just outside Beirut. She looked so hungry and sad, so they tend to offer her some water. When she comes nearer to them with the gaping wound on her head only they realize she was in need of serious medical help.

They rushed this sweetie to the nearest vet. X-ray scan revealed that she had been shot dozens of times with a pellet gun, most likely by teenagers around SEEKING FOR FUN!

She was infected with the virus and need months to recover to a healthy pup. Andari is one of the volunteers for welfare animal organization in Lebanon told The Dodo a saddening fact that this scenario is so common in her home country. The amount of stray is uncountable, and poisoning of homeless dog happen so frequently as well.

The happy part? She beat the 25% chance of survival she had initially been given and now is up and roar. She then named Bondok and was ready to find her forever home, regardless in or out of Lebanon for as long as it is a loving home that is safe from abuse.


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Hannah Vii


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