Shark Appears to Be Asking For Help and He Gets It


There’re a lot wonderful animal stories online and this is definitely one of them. A shark persistently swam towards scuba divers from Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas in what appeared to be an attempt to ask for help.

Charlotte Faulkner (from the UK) and Pia Venegas (from Argentina) met the injured shark before. However, she was so scared that she swam away. After a while since the encounter, they had a good knife ready in their pocket during their diving trip to feed the sharks on 4 of April 2015, hoping to see the injured shark again.

This fantastic interaction between divers and a shark asking for help with a rope that wrapped around its body has gone viral and change the traditional perspective that we have in a shark. You can see from the video that the rope is actually so tight that you’d feel sorry for it.

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Hannah Vii


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