Sharks Are Like Dogs? They Love to be Petted. This is Beautiful


Jim Abernethy is a shark conservationist. The interaction between him and a shark name Tarantino are nothing but beautiful. What do you think about sharks? It’s time for a change of perspective. They are so cute just like your pet dog.

Ever associate sharks to your home furry? Yea maybe my silly husky drop into the sea and he’s going to leave me forever if he met sharks and become its dinner. There’s no way we can imagine tiger shark to be as cute as a dog that loves to be petted and enjoy HEAD SCRATCHES. Aww~ Adorable

Love and affection are not what we would use to describe an encounter with giant sharks. However, this is repeatedly by Jim to describe his reunion with a large tiger shark name Tarantino at Tiger beach in the Bahamas.

A video shows Tarantino swimming into the arm of Jim, crave his caress much like a dog waits for its owner after long hours away from work. He refers him as his long old friend. Over the past ten years, veteran diver Jim removed over 80 hooks from the mouths of sharks, which is saddening. It leads him to forge a unique bond with a certain individual, and now he genuinely believes that sharks do respond to affection. You’ll notice sharks come back repeatedly to get affection from him over and over again.

Love has no boundary, and this video proves it. Enjoy 😀


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Hannah Vii


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