Speech that teaches a Great Lesson About Family Love Evoked Everyone’s Emotion


This is definitely one of the parenting videos online that worth so much to share. Sometimes it took us a while to learn to cherish our close one given that we’re often blinded by work and stuff and think that they’ll be there forever.

Marc Mero is a retired amateur boxer and professional wrestler as well as a motivational speaker from the United States. He gave an inspirational speech talked about his mother leaving everyone highly emotional and in tears. Former WCW and WWE champion talked about the love his mother had for him when he was young and how he treated her back for far less than what she deserves.

” The greatest gift my mother ever gave me was that she believed in me.” – Marc

“ Show me your friends, and I will show you your future. I hung out with losers, and I became the biggest loser of them all cause I gave up everything I dream about as a little boy because of who I choose to surround myself with.”

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Hannah Vii


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