Stray Dog Joined Extreme Marathoner and Run Desert With Him


This amazing video between a marathoner from Australia and a stray dog in China is straight out of a fairy tale movie that touched the millions heart.

Meet Dion Leonard who is an extreme Australian marathoner where he met a stray little dog while running an ultramarathon through China’s vast, forbidding Gobi desert. This cute little one followed him for several days during the journey.

” The way she ran — determined, consistent, committed inspired me. She didn’t let hunger or fatigue slow her down.” – Dion

Until the 4th and 5th stages where the desert temperature shot up to 57c, Dion decided to pass her to one of the organizers to prevent her from getting dehydrated. That’s the motivation that pushed him through all the difficult challenge throughout the journey so that he can see her at the finish line.

When the two meet up again at the finish line, he made up his mind to bring her back to Edinburgh. The first obstacle that came to his mind is the cost it takes to complete the task. He set up a crowdfunding page, and the rest is history. He reached the goal of $5000 within 24 hours, and most of them are strangers. He named this sweet girl as Gobi and was ready to proceed.

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Hannah Vii


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