This Guy Rescue Dogs From Hell Torture and Slaughter in Asia


One of the most amazing animal videos that we just have to share. This guy from Los Angeles is the real legacy for saving dogs in Asia country like China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, South Korea and Indonesia from torture and slaughter.

Marc Ching owns two businesses. One is The Petstaurant which aims to provide healthy food and nutrition for pets, and another one is the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, focuses on rescue abused and neglected dogs in the L.A area. One main difference from other animal foundation is that they save the animal from severe abuse cases, animal that has been beaten and tortured for years and has been waiting for someone to rescue them.

His rescue work is not confined to L.A. He’s passionate about rescue dogs from severe torture and slaughter that occur in the Asian dog meat industry. It’s prevalent throughout these countries and the number consumed directly related to human population size.

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Hannah Vii


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