This Guy Rescue Dogs From Hell Torture and Slaughter in Asia


He has been to 6 Asia countries and rescued more than 300 dogs so far. He gets into the slaughterhouse by posing undercover as an American businessman looking for dog meat to import to the United States. In this way, the local will reveal their inner business procedure to him. He convinces them to give him the dogs for free, under the presumption he wants to try the meat for himself. He then instead bring the dogs back to the U.S

” I have videos of hanging, burning and boiling them alive and also cutting their feet off while they’re still alive.” – Marc

These trips are dangerous, and he is risking his safety to save the dogs. His last trip to Cambodia was the most dangerous of all. He struggled to watch a man dismember a dog and was overcome with emotion and kicked the man in his face. He was beaten up by some men and was hospitalized.

” Even though the trips are difficult for me to process sometimes, I know I have to go because if I don’t go, nobody else will. ” – Marc Ching


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Hannah Vii


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