The Japanese Way to Destroy Laziness in a Minute


Do you often find yourself stuck in the lazy mode, procrastinate and feeling uninspired to do anything at all? Or you find yourself always get so excited about the new project that you’re going to start, yet the fire fade off along the way, and nothing actually is done?

Well, guess what? You are not alone. According to the research done by Psychology Professor Joseph Ferrari, as many as 20 % of people are chronic procrastinators. That’s about 1 of 5 people.

How often have you caught yourself wanting to start exercising but you just keep on pushing it to the next day, and the next day and the next, until nothing really gets done? And you said you want to have 6 packs and a firm butt!

How much time do you spend daydreaming of the business that you want to start but whenever you actually start something and get distracted, you start slowing down and down and down until you eventually stop, and leave it hanging?

This is actually a habit. Most people are a starter but only rare breed can become a finisher. And here’s the easiest way to join the 1% of the population.

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Hannah Vii


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