Derek Redmond – The Olympian With Supportive Father Who Never Gave Up


We love this quote. You Cannot Fail if You Don’t Give Up and this fits into Derek Redmond story, a British Olympian that was given high hope to win the medal in 400-meter sprint in 1992 Olympic that held in Spain Barcelona.

He was all up and set to run the race of his life. Before 250 meters to the finishing line, he fell to the ground with a torn hamstring. Instead of stopping and just quit, he began to hobble around the rest of the track, determined to finish. Although it means the end of his career, his persistence made him an inspiration to millions.

” The pain was intense, and I hobbled about 50m until I was at 200m, then I realize it was all over when I saw everyone else had crossed the finishing line. But I don’t like to give up at anything, not even an argument, as my wife will tell you and I decided I was going to finish that race if it was the last race I ever did.” – Derek Redmond

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Hannah Vii


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