Top 3 Qualities of Highly Radiant People


Choose to stay in gratitude means you’re consciously aware that nothing is permanent in this world, not even our problems and sorrow that drain most of our energy.

Life is a series of changes, of phases that bring a time of unrest, questioning, and discomfort. However, all these challenges have a different impact on a different individual. High radiant people embrace life in all of its expressions base on these 3 high qualities they hold in life.

Amplify the good part of yourself

Remember this: what you focus on expands. Where you put your time, effort, thought, money, focus, and attention are the part that would blossom into what you want in life. Choose wisely. Therefore amplify the good part of yourself and understand that it is perfectly fine to be bad at some area in life. Love yourself more and it will naturally spread out the happiness toward others.

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Hannah Vii


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