When Two Dogs Have A Love Hate Relationship

Dogs Have A Love Hate Relationship

Meet Stetson, a big muscular 3- year old Alaskan Malamute and his younger buddy Gus. Gus has been a lifelong friend who raised as a pup by Baylee in her Oklahoma ranch.

Stetson is a cow dog who helps around in farm, making sure the cows don’t stray too far. The younger Gus stays at home mostly. This is when the fun begins when all the farm work is over and done. Stetson who loves attention so much simply can’t take his eyes off his buddy.

In this hilarious video, Stetson, who towers twice the size of Gus, starts off by giving Gus some friendly licks on the face, probably saying that I miss you so much after a long day at work, hoping to get some response from him.

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Hannah Vii


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