88 Years Old Retiree Pays $164K Per Year to Live on Cruise Ship. Fairy-Tale-Like-Life


This sounds too good to be true to most of us, but this woman makes it into reality and has been doing it for a good seven years and still counting.

Lee Wachtstetter, an 88 years old woman from Florida sold her five-bedroom home on 10 acres and became a permanent resident on a luxury cruise ship that was at first introduced by her husband, Mason.

They did 89 cruises during their 50 years marriage that added up to more than 100 countries. In another way of saying, she has been to every country that has a port. (How cool is that!) She rarely bothers to go ashore nowadays because she’s most likely already been there for several times. And she will almost have the whole ship when everybody went ashore.

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Hannah Vii


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